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Welcome to TDE page of resources.

A list of websites, apps & tools I strongly recommend for

optimising your budget and domestic economy.

I have personally tested every recommendation

on this page by using them myself. 



Some links listed below may be affiliate links. This means if you choose to make a purchase or free download, TDE will earn a small commission and this will be welcomed from companies to help with the cost of running the website and keeping content free to my readers. This will be at no extra cost to you. In some cases you may even earn a small commission yourself for using our links to sign up to some of the resources. 


I have personally tried and regularly use each tool and resource I recommended and know you'll benefit from each one in some way. I will not recommend a resource unless I have tried it and love it because it helps me. 

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Helpful Apps

Raiz Invest 


Invest your small change or an automated amount as a savings tool to easily grow your money without really noticing. 


Read article here


4 Ingredients


A great recipe reference for cooking on a budget.


Download App here

Helpful Websites

Over 1500 dentists Australia wide.  Join to save 15-40% off dental for singles, couples, families and single parent families all under $100.


Read article here 

Got an old phone or device you could turn into money? Enter your device on the website to see how much they'll offer you.


Website here


Join cash rewards and shop through their links to receive cash back on purchases. Check out website to see how much you can get back. Plus refer friends for another $5 paid to you. Some months this offer doubles.


Website here


Read article here


Join to receive trailing commissions on your insurance policies and new home loan. Also receive cash back for online purchases through their store links.


Website here


Read article here

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