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Print free charts and planners

Everyone loves some freebies to get started. Find free printable charts & planners to achieve some common debt & savings goals using visual progress to stay on track.

Follow the journey to wealth

The 8 step plan of the road map will guide you on a money journey to have more income to do great things with. Travel the right path to increase your net worth in as little as a few years! It's THE proven plan to live by, from generations who have lived debt free.  Check it out.

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Once I have tested a company, website or app and found them to be beneficial to my budget or create a resource myself, I list them here. 

Mindful Money Challenge

Sign up to the free 7 day challenge. 

If you've been ignoring your financial situation this challenge will reconnect you with your money to spot any areas that need improving. 7 days of mindful action in this 30pg fillable eBook to save or print.

Print progress charts

Templates of charts, planners & spreadsheets to keep track of your financial goals. We cannot achieve anything until we measure it and track its progress. These tools will help you see the big picture.  

Manage my money

Control & manage the household money with The Basic Budget Toolkit. If you're like me & don't enjoy using spreadsheets, the Toolkit can calculate your numbers, save & control your household finances without staring at columns & rows of numbers like a regular spreadsheet... and more.

Learn a simple budget system

A simple budget for all incomes & lifestyle outcomes. This 'how to' course (pdf eBook) teaches my easy system while creating your own budget according to what you spend.