Progress Tools

Goal planning becomes easier when we have a specific tool for the job and the easier the better. When we see our numbers and the possible outcomes, we're able to put a plan in place to achieve our goals as we can afford them. These charts, planners and calculators will help you see possibilities so you can then see your goals come to life. Plan for a holiday or renovation, pay off debt using an easy system and see how well your retirement fund perform with the power of compound interest. 


I have created all tools with simplicity in mind so all the work has already been done for you. All you need to do is enter your numbers and the they will calculate everything for you. 

Goal Progress Tools Bundle

Five fillable planners to monitor common money goals + Four spreadsheets to calculate the main areas; credit cards, paying off consumer debt, mortgage amortisation and compound interest.




PLANNERS (fillable PDF):

Holiday Budget Planner

Renovation Budget Planner

Monthly Budget Planner

Year At A Glance Planner

Family Planners (2)



Credit Card / Single Debt Spreadsheet

Mortgage Spreadsheet

Debt Snowball Spreadsheet (up to 10 debts)

Compound Interest Growth Spreadsheet 

*examples below

Only $10 for all 9 files! That's just $1.11 each.