My lifestyle & money

My lifestyle & money · 23. June 2020
I'm sharing my current household budget to inspire others to get out of debt and live on less than you make.
My lifestyle & money · 30. November 2019
This is my #1 budgeting tool. I can see all of my expenses on one easy chart. Sign up now and get your free yearly planner.
My lifestyle & money · 12. July 2019
The 2018/2019 financial year was hard for me on my lowest income for the second year in a row. I kept a record and have documented the past year. This is how I coped and what I had to pay for with my little income while building up a small business.
My lifestyle & money · 18. November 2018
I don't put all my eggs in one basket, I have 4 baskets. This is my breakdown of how I split $100 a week into 4 different savings areas giving me a result of over $5000 for my 1 year plan.
My lifestyle & money · 10. July 2018
The past year was the lowest income I've ever earned. I survived it and now know I can live on a lot less if I have to. Read my story.
My lifestyle & money · 15. June 2018
Are you in credit card debt? Use one of my 2 methods to free yourself from the cycle as most of us have found ourselves in.
My lifestyle & money · 24. April 2018
Read my expense report. It's unbelievable how much we give companies. Figure out your expenses for 1 year. What is the total of your yearly bills and expenses? Is it more than you thought it might be?