7 day Mindful Money Challenge

Do you want to get to know your money?

...I have a free program

to get you started.

Do you

wonder where

your money goes?


Do you

get frustrated because you can't

seem to follow a budget?


Do you

ignore your situation while

silently stressing about money?


The most neglected area of a budget

can also be the one that is

keeping it from running well

and that is not knowing.

The solution? To become aware.


A budget cannot operate

without the manager having

a clear understanding of

the whole situation, at all times.



I have created  this free short program

to help you get to know your cash flow 

because we can only do better

when we know.



Ignorance can be bliss 

but can also harm your financial goals. 



Money we receive is our own

responsibility and continuing to

avoid what's really going on,

we stay stuck in a loop of


when we could be achieving goals

to get what we're really chasing in life.


When needing money solutions,

becoming aware of your financial 

situation is the first place to start. 


I care about your financial well-being.

I love helping others with easy ways to

control day to day spending and

have freedom to make choices

so you can enjoy your money instead

of it being a cause for anxiety.


I challenge you to

get to know your finances,

starting today.    




The challenge, delivered via email

will guide you through

7 days of getting in touch

with your money. 


All of the basics are covered to allow

you to see where you stand

and where you might need to learn more. 



Many of us avoid knowing the details

and are unaware how we're travelling financially. 

Some of us avoid knowing while driving

blindly from one area to another,

Some are stuck in a round-about on their money journey,

others are getting their wants any way

they can, causing more problems.




Becoming mindful with money helps 

improve the areas we need to

by opening up options and solutions.  


It's the reality check we all need.


What's included?


In the 30 page workbook

you'll get to know your

current situation in the following areas


Cash flow 

Net worth 

Creating mind space 

Bank accounts 

Creating a cushion ✔

Debt pay off plan 

Moving forward 




Access to the private Facebook group 

which is a brand new group that will grow

over time as others join in on the challenge.

Here, you can ask and answer questions   

and also gain support with accountability

to progress with others in your corner.



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What ever pace you

take the challenge...



The sooner you know

The sooner you grow

Please share this free challenge

with your friends.

I want everyone to become

aware of their finances 

to live more!

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