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I'm no certified finance professional, although I've been able to do amazing things with my income over the years and want to teach everybody how I do it.  I'm passionate about personal finance! and have simplified my life while simplifying my money.


I'm a mother of 3 girls, living on my income from self employment. I'm paying off a mortgage by myself (slowly but surely) and I'm still able to enjoy an international holiday every year or 2.


For the past 4 years I have been researching, studying behaviour around spending and personal finance which has lead me to provide financial coaching, one on one with clients working through money beliefs, options and how to adapt changes creating wealth for the life you want to live. We create a complete financial journey plan together to turn your finances around. You can be in complete control of your money, growing your net worth AND achieving goals along the way when you implement my basic strategies.


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Kylie Forbes

Hi, my name is Kylie.  I'm a planner and passionate 'budget queen', focused on growing my net worth and sharing how I do it. 


After years of talking with friends and listening to people talk about money, I found out that a lot of people live in debt, feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to start with their money. I often get asked how I'm able to go on holidays and would love to tell everyone how I'm able to. I want to help people also achieve goals and travel!


I wrote a book when my kids were younger and there it sat on the shelf for almost 2 decades. I am editing this to be free content and articles on this website and maybe as an eBook in the future.


I am in the process of creating budget planners and have recently completed the Income Outcome Budget Course and The Budget Toolkit for my readers.  Put my system in place for yourself and set up your own domestic economy to run well. The format is interactive, easy to follow and affordable.  


In the meantime, I will be adding to the website regularly...

I'm very transparent when it comes to talking about finances and will share with you, my life, income, net worth and budget throughout my articles. I have been budgeting since before leaving home at age 19 and have proved my system works and it is simple to remember and use.


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