Mindful money

Mindful money · 15. November 2020
Underlying reasons for overspending. Sorry to break it to you but you could be the reason... This article outlines the most common reasons for not succeeding with a budget. It's the first step in getting your money on track.
Mindful money · 12. January 2019
The way a person spends their time and money is a reflection on their values. Are you trading your time and money for things that are the most important to you?
Mindful money · 09. November 2018
Experiment with your budget by having a month or so of no personal spending. If you find 1 month easy, try 2 or 3. You'll find it's not that hard and you'll be rewarded for your efforts with a chunk to pay off debt or to save.
Mindful money · 02. October 2018
Some personalities don't respond well to challenges so just have a go and try experimenting with your money and budget instead. Fine tune things as you go and never fail again.
Mindful money · 10. June 2018
Change the way you think about your money and it's potential. Stop overspending to fill a void in your life.
Mindful money · 11. May 2018
Break these 15 bad habits and any more you can add and turn them into good habits instead.
Mindful money · 11. May 2018
Try putting these 15 good money habits into action to improve your finances and improve your life.
Mindful money · 11. May 2018
Do you need to look at your money and turn bad money habits into good money habits?