My products & services

Free Money Road Map; journey to wealth

Free download explaining the personal finance steps to increase wealth & the reasons why the order makes it work.

PDF (3pg) to start the fool proof money plan.  

Free 7 Day Mindful Money Challenge

I have a challenge for you. Sign up to the free 7 day challenge & get your free 30pg eBook delivered straight to your inbox. 


If you've been ignoring your financial situation this challenge will reconnect you with your money to spot any areas that need improving. 7 days of mindful action in this 30pg fillable eBook to save or print.

Free 30k by 30 eBook

Best learned in our teens or 20's but beneficial to know at any age...  Seeing different outcomes brings awareness & allows us to make decisions through life according to our desired outcome.

Your retirement number is possible when you see how compound interest works for you!

30k by 30
This short eBook compares two outcomes of compound interest and why it's important to reach 30k by 30 in Super.
30k by 30 eBook.pdf
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Free Family Planners

These 2 pdf printables are a handy way to track household activities and tasks;

*Family Activity Planner so everybody knows what each member of the household is doing and when.

*Kids jobs chart for pocket money to track each child's chores and earnings and to naturally teach your kids about earning money and budgeting.

Family Activity Planners
Download and print these handy helpers here
*Family Activity Planner
*Kids jobs Chart
Family Planners (2pg).pdf
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Progress Charts & Calculator Tools

If you like visual tracking of goals & spreadsheets, download all printable, fillable & calculating files.

PDF & Excel files to manage your goals; 

Savings Charts

Debt Charts

Budget Planners 

Excel Spreadsheet Calculators

Access to all (18) PDF & Excel files just $10 


Budget Toolkit

Simplify your money management with these handy tools.


If you've tried to follow a budget before but found it hard to manage, the BASIC BUDGET TOOLKIT is where you can create & monitor your weekly budget to stay on track. 


Add your numbers on each page and it will calculate your household income, weekly expenses and the bills that come in irregularly. Save your Toolkit file for quick access to monitor just like an App. 

Financial Coaching



My mission is not to charge clients for my time alone but to provide a valuable service and charge based on the value YOU will find in our session/s together.  


1:1 coaching:

via Zoom or phone call



A free 15 minute Q&A phone call to discover if my services fit for your needs. 



Choice of; 


A single DISCOVERY Session (approx. 90mins) where we work together to create your new easy budget system & where to start.

Your investment of $90 includes,

  • Build your budget System
  • The Money Road Map to wealth
  • Discover opportunities & options
  • Staying on track
  • Fillable PDF files of everything covered
  • FREE Budget Toolkit 




6 x sessions, EUREKA Package

3 Month Coaching Package, working together to change habits,  create wealth & live the life you want. Delivering financial empowerment and transformation.

It includes

  • Easy budget system 
  • Why we handle money the way we do (+ couples unite)
  • Overcoming financial overwhelm
  • Eliminating debt
  • Goal planning
  • Safe housing foundations
  • Mortgage reduction & Superannuation growth
  • Increasing & protecting wealth
  • A complete money journey to wealth plan 




On-going check-in 

Post coaching sessions (if required).

A 30 minute check-in to remain focused on your finances.

I keep away from the system that keeps us in debt to help people achieve their best life. By following principles & procedures to increase wealth, it safely propels us forward instead of relying on debt, financial policies & investments. How much more would you have to invest if you first got your money on track?


If I was a financial counsellor I would be helping people in an income crisis while referring clients to certain organizations to help them through their surrounding issues. That’s not my area although studying this field to gain qualification.


If I was a financial adviser or planner I would be helping people invest their money to give them a good rate of return by selling policy products & services. I’m not selling any financial products or services & do not receive commissions from these.


I’m a financial coach & I offer strategy options and mathematically proven ways to stay out of debt, control your money, protect your household while growing net worth… so you’re able to move on & work with an investment professional.


Most people earn enough money but weren’t taught ways to increase their wealth safely while dealing with day to day spending...

Debt has become relied on as a result & a normal way to get what we want in life without really growing wealth...

Overwhelm is felt due to our lives being so busy trying to earn enough money to cover spending...


But I can show you simple procedures to grow wealth safely using your income & common sense ways to protect yourself now & safely into retirement AND how to get everything you want in life & old age, empowering you to take action to achieve this.