Budget hacks & savings

Budget hacks & savings · 22. December 2020
The cash file system
An intentional way to cover the areas that may cause you to overspend.
Budget hacks & savings · 23. June 2020
My favourite trick in the budget to find a few extra hundred dollars every month.
Budget hacks & savings · 28. November 2019
Do you hate instant change? Here's a 12 month to do list for your money. Get on top of your finances with a few easy things to do over one year, month by month.
Budget hacks & savings · 13. August 2019
Here's 50+ ways to save money in quick list form. Use one way to save or as many as you can implement into your budget.
Budget hacks & savings · 13. July 2019
Here's 4 simple ways to save on your groceries implementing 1 each week for a month. How much will you continually save when doing these 4 things once you've added them to your shopping habits?
Budget hacks & savings · 11. March 2019
Have you searched for any lost money or unused super funds in your name? Get back your money from bank accounts, other funds and superannuation today.
Budget hacks & savings · 07. March 2019
A breakdown and totals look at one expense at a time to get a complete understanding of what it costs you to live not only each week, but for the whole year.
Budget hacks & savings · 18. November 2018
Using just $100 each time you're paid, how can you divide it up to get maximum benefit? Find the best way to use it to cover more than one goal through the year.
Budget hacks & savings · 01. October 2018
You should always pay yourself first and preferably with cash. Here are my reasons why it's such a priority.
Budget hacks & savings · 18. July 2018
10+ ways to save even more on your electricity bill by doing this one simple thing.

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