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After a separation
Feeling stuck after a separation? This is the article I needed as guidance for financial division when I was in the same situation.
Do you want to be able to help your kids buy their first car or set them up when they move out of home? By saving a small amount each week, you can give them a head start into adulthood and stop supporting them financially.
How will your finances change as your kids grow up and eventually finish high school? When you stop receiving Family Assistance or any child support, how will this affect your budget? Think ahead and be ready for this financially.
Low on money and stuck for ideas to keep the kids busy these holidays? Check out this list of 20 free or cheap things to do. Printable list included in article.
If you're new to receiving Family Tax Benefit or your situation has changed, you'll want to know this. It's a great way to get a top up at tax time as savings to help your budget and domestic economy.
Join this great dental plan for under $100 to save unlimited amounts of money all year.
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The best part of living frugally, is my kids are learning! By talking openly about money in front of your kids it will arm them with knowledge and will pay off for you all in the long term. The more you talk to them about it and how it works, the more it will sink in. Pass on good money habits for life so they don't rely on you, your whole life. You will get no where and it will hurt your kids by them having to rely on others. They're better off with skills to survive on their own. The 3 M's I...