Simplified Personal Finance

Budgeting for success is not all about cutting back 

expenses. It's about intentionally directing our

income towards our desired outcomes.


At The Domestic Economy,

you'll find solutions for your household budget; 

to control your money,  pay off debt, save

and achieve the goals you've always wanted to. 


With free resources and tools, 

products and services, you'll be able to 

follow a system that not only works 

but is simple! 


'Domestic economy' 


- The theory and practice of household management

to produce, consume and distribute wealth within your home.



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Kylie Forbes

Hi, I'm Kylie.

I've had a budget system in place and working for me now for 26 years. I have refined it to perfection as I've had to live with various income situations. From a single income, to sharing income as a couple then having 3 kids surviving on only my partners income then back to two after 5 years. Following next was a divorce; single with 3 kids and a mortgage to pay by myself. I think I've done it across all boards trialing every way, along the way  ...and survived quite well with many overseas holidays taken ;)   


After years of trial and error and learning what to cover, I have designed a budget that is super simple. It covers ALL expenses, for ALL incomes and I want to shout it to the world, it's so easy!


I'm very transparent about how I manage my money by sharing real amounts that I earn, owe, have paid off and living costs throughout my articles. I am currently studying financial counselling to further assist people with their finances within my services. 


Come on a journey to increased wealth the old fashioned way, safely in order.




Free quick read

30k by 30 explains the growth possibilities of super & other investments over time.


How to retire with 1 million dollars

by reaching 30k in Super by the age of 30!

30k by 30
A quick read to learn the power of compound interest (for all ages).
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My Budget System



Updated Version Now Available! 

Income Outcome

Budget Course/eBook

Learn the system that covers

ALL expenses in your life.

















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