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24th April, 2018


I have learned that people are very reluctant to talk about their finances... not me however. I love to talk about all aspects and be transparent about this topic. If we all discussed it openly amongst each other, we could share ideas, help each other learn and to be inspired to get somewhere in life without struggling and wondering how everybody else does it.   


What do your household yearly bills and expenses add up to be each year? These are the expenses that you don’t pay every week or fortnight (each time you are paid) but all of the other costs.


Have you ever sat down, written a list and added up the amounts to see what they all total for the year? 


I recommend you try this to shock yourself. I guarantee you it will total more than you think. See how much of your precious Income you practically give away to companies. This total can be as much as half of your annual income, if not more.


It's a great idea to list and total them to look at closely to find where you can cut back on any of these if possible and see the potential amount you could be putting towards paying off debt, saving or investing. How are you supposed to be in control of it if you don't know how much you actually spend?


Your list should include all expenses that are paid on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis to find your total amount required for 1 year.


I have listed all of my yearly bills and expenses below for you to see. My total is a whopping $29,250 per year… and I’m frugal. It surprises me every time I go through my list to find the amount I pay each year as this total does not even include the expenses each pay cycle such as Mortgage, Petrol, groceries, spending and savings etc. 



*My list does not include animal & vet costs as I don’t own a pet but this expense can be anywhere from an average $500 - $1000 per year for each pet and this does not even include any Vet costs.


*You may need to include other extras not on my list such as memberships and subscriptions like Netflix, Foxtel, Spotify, Gym, Magazines etc


Mobile Phone 12 x $90                                     $1080     

Home Phone & Internet 12 x $80                    $  960

Internet security 1 x $120                                 $  120

Water 4 x $250                                                   $1000

Bottled Gas 1 x bottle, 1 x rental                     $  100

Electricity 4 x $450                                            $1800

Shire Rates 4 x $390                                         $1560

Ambulance Membership                                  $  100

Health Insurance 12 x $30 (me)                      $  360

Medical Extra (gap + kids medical)                $  800

Child’s Braces Loan 12 x $230                        $2760

Car Loan 12 x $270                                           $3240

RACV Roadside assistance 1 x $120             $  120

Car Registration 1 x $680                                 $  680

Car Insurance 1 x $620                                     $  620

Car Servicing + Extra 3 x $200 + $400           $1000

Home & Contents Insurance 1 x $680           $  680

Wood (Heating) approx for season               $  900

School Fees (public,  3 kids)                            $2400

School Extras (uniforms, books for 3 kids)   $1300

Dance Lessons, Costumes, (3 kids)              $2000

Haircuts (personal grooming etc)                   $  300

Birthday Presents (for family)                         $  900

Christmas Presents (for family)                      $1200

Credit Card Annual Fee 1 x $150                     $  150

Club Jetstar Fee 1 x $50                                   $    50

Short Flights (to visit friend) 2 x $100            $  200

Websites 2 x $110                                             $ 220

Accounting (tax return)                                     $  150

Clothing (basics for family)                             $1500

Restaurants + Activities                                    $1000


                                                                             $ 29,250



- What was your total amount needed to pay all bills and expenses for 1 year?

- What percentage of your income goes towards paying these expenses?

- Did this total shock you and make you realise just how much you spend throughout the year?

- Can you cut back on any areas of your list to save any amount possible?


Feel free to leave a comment below to discuss with The Domestic Economy community.

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