Best Australian Cash Back Rewards

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I've found 2 of the best cash back rewards companies in Australia

that everyone can receive money from!




We all love a little cash back… 


Become a member of Cash Rewards and Cash Back Club as another way of saving money on purchases or just to let your cash back amounts accumulate over time until you need it.


I’ve been waiting years for these cash back sites to be big in Australia and now us Aussies can finally benefit and take advantage of their offers.


With no membership or joining fees on either website, you might as well grab some free money!


Let me start by telling you about CASH REWARDS...





- Pays you to shop online.


I have an account with this company and have proven that they pay!


This website is very easy to use as I have found out. Simply open an account with them and use their links to enter online stores, instead of using your browser. By doing this you will be paid cash back on purchases you were going to make anyway.


All stores on the website are listed alphabetically, which is handy considering there are over 1000 merchant partners available to shop through to receive cash back.


Save your favourites into your own list to make them easier to find when needed. Before you make any online purchase, first check the Cash Rewards website list of merchants to see if they are available for you to shop through


Top stores included are Amazon, Dan Murphy's, Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse, The Iconic, eBay, David Jones and so many more. Browse through their list and see how many of your favourite stores are there and how much cash back they offer. 

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What's the catch?


There’s no catch at all!


My only advice is, don’t be tempted to use the cash back store links just to earn cash back when you might have been able to find the same product even cheaper on another retail website. Be logical and find the best purchase price you need.


It’s a great way to save some extra money by leaving any earned cash back to accumulate over time in your Cash Rewards account or use to pay off small debts. Bonus!


If you only recoup a little each year, it’s an easy bonus back in your pocket to help with the cost of delivery of

purchases throughout the year.


Why not shop through this website? They literally pay you to shop!!


Cash Rewards also offer coupons, special offers and competitions. Bookmark the website and check these regularly as they change. Don't forget to write down coupon codes when you find one you'll use so you can enter this at the checkout to receive the store offer. 


Cash Rewards are also supporters of Starlight Children's Foundation. Paying it forward to you AND charity helping over 1027 kids so far.

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How are these websites able to give you cash back?


These websites become advertisers and partner with each company to earn a commission, then share some of that commission with you just by clicking on their links to shop and introduce new customers.


So simple and everyone can earn.


…Which also tells me there’s a niche for more of these cash back businesses online in Australia now!?


– jump on board entrepreneurs, there's room for more of these online businesses.


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Receiving your cash back


All cash back you earn will grow in your Cash Rewards account until you’re ready to withdraw to your nominated bank or PayPal account. It can be transferred when your account balance reaches $5.01


This is a straight forward step. Just log in to your account and click ‘get paid’, enter your details for transfer and the money will be sent to you..


cash rewards, referral program, Australian cash back, money for free, buy and save, save money

More cash back with their paid referral program


Like with so many companies online now, these guys offer a generous referral payment:

$5 each, paid to the referrer and new member when they sign up and make their first purchase through Cash Rewards store links.


Get your family and friends to join up using your own personal referral link you will receive.


To receive your first $5 through Cash Rewards, make sure you click on the links through this article to join or you will miss out on money for nothing.



cash back club, Australian cash back, save money, buy and save, budget







- Gives you the trailing commissions on personal insurances and new home loans, instead of      being paid to your broker (it's yours after all)


- Pays you to shop online



I have an account with this company and after a few months of testing it out for myself I'm excited to review and highly recommend CashBackClub!


While in the USA there are tonnes of Apps & websites offering residents cash back rewards, there are very few in Australia making it hard for us to find any legitimate cash back avenues...until I found these guys!






This website offers a few different ways to earn yourself some money...but first let me explain Trailing Commissions so you understand what it's all about:


If you hold any accounts/policies such as


Superannuation/allocated pension

Life insurance

Total permanent disability insurance

Income protection insurance

Trauma insurance

Business expenses insurance

Managed investment funds

Home loan


and you were signed up to any of these accounts, you will be paying a fee to that sales agent or broker every year (or month) within your premiums. Your insurer pays them each time your premium is paid. Even if you started your policy over the phone or online, you may still be paying someone an on-going sales commission.

cash back club, Australian cash back, rewards, buy and save, save money, referral program

Trailing commissions on personal insurance accounts can be up to 30% of your annual premiums and between 0.15% - 0.30% of the balance owed on your home loan (hundreds of dollars).


You can get Cash Back on your existing policies using and sign these fee's over to CashBackClub as your new sales agent on that account. CashBackClub will then give you 50% of these commissions every year for as long as you hold that policy.


By allowing CashBackClub to receive these trailing commissions on your existing accounts and policies, you are not changing your current policy at all. Your benefits and costs remain the same, it just means instead of these commissions going to the agent or broker, you reap the benefit as they will be paid to CashBackClub and then 50% is given to you!


Get it back in your pocket, it's your money.

cash backclub, Australian cash back, save money, buy and save, money back, budget, referral program

No purchase 'EASY CASH'


Claim Cash Back on your existing accounts & policies.


Nominate CashBackClub as your new agent or broker and receive 50% of the fees. It's that easy!


Do you already have, or do you need one of these accounts in the near future?




Life insurance

Total permanent

disability insurance

Income protection


Trauma insurance

Business expenses


Managed fund


Home loan


If you do, by visiting CashBackClub you can see how much you may be entitled to by using their calculator. Fill in the page with your details and CashBackClub will do the rest.


They will credit your CBC account which can then be transferred to your PayPal or bank account.


If you don't have any of the listed insurance policies but may need them at another stage of your life, by purchasing a policy through CBC, they will give you up to 110% of your first years premium for initial set up then 50% of the trailing commission each year after that!


You are able to withdraw your cash at any time after you receive it.


To receive Cash Back on a home loan, you do need to refinance or apply for a new home loan using CashBackClub as your broker (working with 30 different lenders).


For the average mortgage of $400,000 banks will pay between $600 - $1,200 each year to CashBackClub for initial sign up and trailing commission, passing 50% of these on to you!




CashBackClub have 3 levels of membership.



Each new member becomes a classic member. Once you have received your first 'easy cash' claim on an existing policy, you will gain the next level.


Classic Plus

While a Classic Plus member you can gain the next level below by applying for and receiving cash back on a new home loan or personal insurance policy using CashBackClub as your broker.



Top level for members who will benefit the most from Cash Back Club's other feature below.

cash back club, Australian cash back, rewards, referral program, save money, buy and save, money back,



The memberships above, determine how much

cash back you can get with ONLINE SHOPPING!


I'm not saying go crazy and buy items just to get Cash Back, but if you do need or want to buy something through one of their partnered merchants you can also get some Cash Back!


By accessing online stores through the CashBackClub website using their specific link, you will be paid between 1% - 20% or varying dollar amounts of Cash Back from these stores.


Featured websites such as asos, Boohoo, Priceline, My Chemist, HP, Globe, Crazy Sales (...the list goes on) are willing to pay you Cash Back!


Each store will pay you the percentage according to your CashBackClub membership. Check each one on their website for the different Cash Back amounts.


cash back club, Australian cash back, save money, referral, buy and save, money back,


cash back club, Ausralian cash back site, save money, buy and save, money back, rewards, referral



The other feature of CashBackClub is their referral program. By referring family and friends using your personal CashBackClub website link you get after joining you'll receive another 20% Cash Back from referred members purchases when they also shop with partnered merchants within 'Online Shopping'.


So, basically everyone wins with these guys!


CashBackClub collect their piece of the pie from companies to make their money and pass some of this cash (half in fact) on to you.


Who doesn't want cash for nothing??





Join and read more

in depth at



By joining using links throughout this article, TDE will receive 20% of your future shopping cash back ON TOP of what you receive. This will not affect your cash back at all, just help TDE and will contribute to the running costs of the website to continue to provide readers more helpful content in the future.

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