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The cash file system
An intentional way to cover the areas that may cause you to overspend.
My favourite trick in the budget to find a few extra hundred dollars every month.
Using just $100 each time you're paid, how can you divide it up to get maximum benefit? Find the best way to use it to cover more than one goal through the year.
An emergency fund is a separate stash of money to use in case of emergencies. A top priority for a successful budget. This should be kept separate from all other money to be only used for sudden and unplanned expenses.
A great place to start. Follow these 7 easy steps, 1 each day for a week to start to get your finances in shape. Too much to do? Try and achieve 1 each week for the next 7 weeks instead.
I've found 2 of the best cash back rewards companies in Australia that everyone can receive money from!
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It's a new year and that means you've been thinking about how you need to get on top of your finances this year?? Then read on ;) There are always a few areas that need improving in your budget, but if I could only ever offer one tip, it would be to ALLOCATE ALL OF YOUR INCOME! Every dollar that comes in needs to be put somewhere in order to pay for something. Even if you have left over money at the end of the week, don't just feel like you can spend it because it's there. Make it unavailable...