TDE Welcome Starter Kit

Planners and charts to manage your finances. They're a great place to start.

The hardest part about managing our money always seems to be the fact that we can't get ahead, am I right?


It feels like there's never enough left over and this could be because you might be held back by debt. If you're having to constantly repay debt you've probably been doing it for years and had enough?


Imagine what you could do if you had left over money from your income. Oh, the goals you could achieve!

Goals aren't a priority when we're in debt as we're too focused on repayments but if I told you the plan for gaining wealth instead of staying in debt, would you be interested in making your life better?


It's really quite simple as it's the same system used by our grandparents. No frills household management, the easy way. 



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The Welcome Pack files

Get the welcome pack. An 8 page pdf for help at the start of the money journey. See where you currently are on The Money Road Map and where you could be in only a few short years with this strategic but simple formula to gain wealth in the fastest time. 


With a plan to get on the right track, you'll drive your finances to where you can have it all.


I'd love to help you get on that track.

The pdf includes

The Money Road Map

Instead of driving all over the place, take the fast lane to wealth.  A sequence of events completed in the right order to set yourself up for financial success.

7 Day Challenge

'7 days to a healthier budget' gives you small tasks to complete over 1 week. A good place to start tidying up your household budget.

Grocery Savings Hack

My best savings hack using your grocery money to find extra money every month.

Year Planner

The TDE Year Planner is my favourite budget tool. Use this to write all of your bills due for the year ahead so you can see when they're approaching. No more unexpected bills with this budget reference.

Goal Charts

Charts to keep track of the first few legs of your money journey. Sometimes the smallest things keep us accountable to stick to a plan.

Debt Elimination

This is the #1 bump in the road stopping people from progressing on their money journey. This list will help you plan your attack to get rid of debt so you can finally drive forward.

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